Kitchen Necklaces, since 2006
object and necklace


“An object can be given a new and unexpected life by changing it into something different. A dish transformed into a piece of jewellery is an example. Gésine Hackenberg has made a whole series of necklaces, rings and earrings of ceramic discs cut out of bowls and plates, which she uses as beads or precious stones. What remains is an object with many holes. This seems a brutal way to treat exquisite ceramics. However, it is difficult to say whether the objects have increased or diminished in value. The holes are so beautifully made that it looks as if a new pattern has been added, rather than that the object has been damaged. Seen from the perspective of jewellery, the plate can be regarded as leftover material. But when the piece of jewellery is not worn, the plate can serve as a natural place to keep it. In exchange, the jewellery acquires a familiar aura from the plate.”

Materials: vintage or antique plates, nylon thread, sometimes little gold leaf restorations

Text: Jorunn Veiteberg, Thing Tang Trash. Upcycling in Contemporary Ceramics. Catalogue. Bergen National Academy of the Arts 2011. (Excerpt is slightly edited)


Delft Blue ‘Plooischotel’ Necklace 2015
 wall plate  by De Porceleyne Fles.
Ø 35 x  6,4 cm
collection Associação Património Histórico, Caldas da Rainha (PT)


Kitchen Necklace Luneville, 2011
ca. Ø 20 cm x 2,5 cm


Small Delft Blue Kitchen Necklace with Birds in the Garden, 2015
Ø 22cm x 3,5 cm
collection Röhsska Museet, Göteborg (SW)


Kitchen Necklace with faience wall plate by Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum, 2010
ca. Ø 32 x 5 cm


Kitchen Necklace ‘Painter’s Test’, 2010


Coloured ‘Oud Delft’ Kitchen Necklace, 2020
Ø 24 x 3,5 cm


White Kitchen Necklace, 2014
ca. Ø 26 x 4,5 cm


Fish Necklace, 2008


Blue and White ‘Oud Delft’ Kitchen Necklace, 2020
Ø 29 x 6 cm


Delfts Blue Kitchen Necklace, 2010. detail


Kitchen Necklace with Delftd Blue Fruit Basket, 2015
Ø 35 x  4,5 cm


‘Amazone’ Kitchen Necklace, 2015
Ø 35 x  4,5 cm


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