Graduate Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 2001


spoons, spoons, spoons…

in Gebruach nehmen

Spoons, spoons, spoons and the question: What do people live on?
Spoons as tools to live, to be nurtured physically and mentally.
Spoons that are loaded with traditional and personal values. Emotions.
Spoons that become Kleinode, little precious things you (would like to) possess.

Spoons that you would like to keep close to you and carry with you. As was once customary.
What makes a spoon a spoon? The shape, the function, the contents? Or just the fact that I want them to be spoons?
The relationship to and with spoons.
Spoons you acquire and make a part of yourself through daily use. Using spoons in a specific and personal way, perhaps like nobody else.
Spoons that awake and become alive like a companion.
Celebration of daily life in little moments. Personal daily rituals.
Spoon-beauties with all their peculiarities and little insufficiencies.


‘Is a thing loved because of its beauty, or does something become beautiful because it is loved? … Maybe beauty is nothing else but being loved.’

Adapted from The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil


The spoon experience


Oortjeslepel‘ (Ear Spoon), 2001. porcelain and silver


Children’s Plate


Geflickter‘ (Repaired), 2001. vintage china plate, silver, 18 ct gold


Spoon Ring, 2001. vintage china cup


Egg Spoon and Finger Object. silver


Egg Object, 2001. goose egg, silver


Mirror, Mirror,….


Mirror Spoons, 2004. antique silver spoons engraved and lacquered


Votive Spoon, 2004


Spoon Loop, 2004


Spoon Clips, 2004


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