Tableau Vivant with Kitchen Glass Brooches, 2009
glass jars, ruthenium plated nickel silver


The Still-lives Collection can be seen as a contemporary interpretation of 17th and 18th century Dutch still-lives. Those paintings usually depicted items of everyday life that were economically and emotionally significant for people of that time.

I cut vintage glassware and rearrange the pieces into new compositions, new still-lives. It is a perfect translation from three- to two-dimensional shapes, from down-to-earth glasses and bowls to preciousness jewellery. The body of the wearer takes on the role of canvas as it were…

In this collection I also pay homage to the history of European glass manufactures and their designers, especially those in The Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia.

Materials: vintage (designer) glasses, silver, remanium steel
Photography: Karin Nussbaumer (on model), Harold Strak


Kitchen Glass Brooches, 2009
glass jars, ruthenium plated nickel silver


Poor Man’s Silver, 2012
silver plated glass jars, ruthenium plated nickel silver


composition with Still Life Brooches with glasses by Timo Sarpaneva, 2010
vintage glasses, silver


Green Rummer, 2009
brooch. Finnish glasses, silver


Tableau Vivant with vintage glasses, 2009
vintage glasses, silver


Appetizer Still Life, 2010
glasses by A. Bakker and T. Sarpaneva, silver


S. Hoppea/T. Sarpaneva Still Life Brooches
vintage glasses, silver


A. Bakker/Lobmeyr Still Life Brooch, 2011
glasses, silver
collection Corning Museum of Glass, NY


Yellow Tumbling Glass, 2015
glass by Theresienthal, silver


Appetizer Still Life, 2012
glasses by Kristalunie Maastricht, silver


Tableau Vivant with Bottle Necklace, 2009
glass bottle, silver chain, silver


Gobelet Necklace, 2009
appetizer glass, oxidized silver chain and silver


Precious Fluids, 2012
silver plated glass bottles, tombac


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