Pièces de Milieu, 2010. centre piece
collection Dutch Silver Museum Schoonhoven (NL)


The Pièces de Milieu. Table Still-Lives are the result of the first Stokroos Scholarship for modern silver, which was presented by the Dutch Silver Museum Schoonhoven in 2010. With this scholarship the Stokroos Foundation stimulates experiments in silver design. The group of objects is now part of the permanent collection of the museum.

In this project, I aimed to literally depict the creative force of the artist. I “grew” vegetables and fruits from silver, using electroforming techniques in both a productive and creative way.

The design is inspired by the way people peel fruit and vegetables; the peelings serve as patterns for reconstructing the fruit and vegetables in paper-thin silver plate. The objects are joined and reinforced through electroforming, which enhances the idea of growing.

The potatoes, pears and bananas are arranged in table still-lives that refer to old paintings and to traditional silver centrepieces.

Materials: silver, electroformed silver
Photography: Harold Strak


small Pièce de Milieu, 2010


Pièces de Milieu II with vegetables, 2010


Pièces de Milieu II with fruits, 2010


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