Urushi Ice Cream Sticks, 2004. objects and brooches

“Gésine Hackenberg’s love for everyday objects forms the basis of this collection of jewellery and objects. With much patience, she turns simple things, nondescript and insignificant, into precious gems. She uses Japanese Urushi lacquer to give the objects a rich red hue, texture and shine. By using this technique, she preserves and refines ordinary, disposable artefacts.

At first sight, they appear to be autonomous objects. But after a simple addition or little intervention by the wearer, they begin to interact with the body and become wearable as jewellery.”

Materials: Japanese Urushi lacquer on wood and textile, silver, 18 ct gold, antique Urushi soup bowls, string, silver, gold

Photography: Eddo Hartmann, Rutger Graas, Gésine Hackenberg
Text: Paul Derrez


Urushi Ice Cream Sticks, 2004. object and brooch


Occasional jewellery. inspiration image


Pearl Necklace, 2004. object and necklace


Pearl Necklace, 2004. object and necklace


Donut Button, 2004. brooch


Hanging Brooches, 2004


Rubber-Bend-Rings, 2004
please have a look at my product Rubber-Bend-Rings


Instructions how to make a Rubber-Bend-ring wearable


(pure) Golden Toothpics, 2004


‘Boerenbont’ Necklace, 2005
dishcloth (cotton)


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