Awarded to Lily van der Stokker as prestigious bi-annual Dutch oeuvre price for the advanced artist.

I see this prize as an opportunity to reflect on the impressive achievements of the artist. So, I wanted to create the atmosphere of taking a break and take some time with a cup of tea for lucidity. Traditionally, also flowers are given on an occasion like this to congratulate.

I wanted my flower to merge with the context, the teacup.

The result is a little arrangement where the flower ring works as a kind of ‘pars pro toto’ idea. The ring can stand on its own but the presentation together with the cup determines the atmosphere, comparable to Lily van de Stokker’s work where pictorial elements in 2- and 3-dimensional form are used as emotional-associative support for her texts.

This flower ring is a true tribute to Van der Stokker’s oeuvre, where flowers populate her painted installations as doodles and ‘fluff’ in candy-bright colours.

Though, her work looks optimistic and ‘feminine’, she provides at the same time an ironic commentary on the hypes and the power structure within the (art) world.

I strived to bring back the 2 dimensionality of Van der Stokker’s murals in the ring design by placing the flower flat on the hand. The flower petals are set in bezels of grey palladium that reminds the colour of a pencil stripe and accentuate the outline.


Material: Earthenware by Petrus Regout, 500 palladium, silver

Ring size ca 40 x 45 x h 40mm





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