As an autonomous art jeweller, I like to work in narratives that give me a reason to use certain shapes, materials or techniques.
I use the same approach when I’m working on commissions. I love responding to the personal stories that people tell.
It is not surprising that such commissions often have to do with milestones in life, the so-called ‘rites of passage’. Occasions such as births, coming of age, graduations, unions between people such as engagements, marriages or friendships, as well as deaths and remembrances are commemorated with jewellery and objects.
Sometimes a different personal or precious moment leads to a commission.

Having a good conversation with customers prior to designing and making is very important to me. For me, it is important not just to create a piece fitting the client’s taste, but also to create a piece with personal value or meaning.
Every commission is a great adventure to me. I listen carefully and try to come up with images and ideas in response to the stories and wishes.
Often a special relationship develops between the client and me during the project. Clients are welcome to visit my studio to follow important steps of the production process.


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